Boxing Rock Vicar's Cross Double IPA

Vicar's Cross is a delicious double IPA from Boxing Rock Brewing Company in Nova Scotia – where, according to legend, bickering seamen were left by their captain to sort out their differences. 

  • Boxing Rock received a Gold Medal @ the 2017 Canadian Brewery Awards for their Traditional German Style category.
    - Canadian Brewery Awards

About This Craft Beer

British soldiers stationed in India receiving their daily beer ration would never have expected this.

The Vicar’s Cross has all the bitterness a double IPA demands, yet it is remarkably smooth and well balanced.

Food Pairing

Enjoy The Vicar’s Cross Double IPA with grilled meats, hearty stews, curries, and other rich foods. Also great enjoyed on its own to savour the smooth malt and tropical and citrus hop flavours.


According to local folk lore, Boxing Rock is where bickering seamen were left by their captain to sort out their differences. The choice: box until only one could return to the ship or shake hands and share a beer. Either way it is only a few hours until high tide.



Volume 650 mL Bottle
Alcohol/Vol 8%
Made In Canada (Nova Scotia)
Style German
Boxing Rock Vicar's Cross Double IPA

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