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Through our worldwide network of high-caliber partners, all dedicated to crafting products with care and skill, Terra Firma Brands has earned a reputation for representing world-class wines, spirits and beers.

We represent our clients to the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), the largest purchaser of beverage alcohol in the world, which retails to consumers and restaurants.

Terra Firma Brands prides itself on providing our clients the exceptional knowledge and resources to not only get their products on LCBO shelves, but to make sure customers walk out with them.

The LCBO’s Unique Requirements

For a product to be considered for sale through LCBO retail stores; we submit proposals through the LCBO New Item Submission System (NISS). In an average tender there are 1000+ submissions vying for 40 – 50 product slots and because they receive significantly more new product submissions than they can merchandise, competition is extensive.

In each case, the product is evaluated by the respective category manager—considering quality, price, value, packaging and marketing plans – before a decision is made about purchasing. As well, once the LCBO decides to purchase a product, it’s important that we as agents stay on top of how they are selling in each market area.